NeuralDreams | AI at the speed of your mind

Contextual AdTech, Datasource Marketplace, Feedback Loop

Launched at Doha WebSummit 2024, showcased at SanFrancisco Nvidia GTC 2024

Contextual Ad Network & Analytics, Domain Aware Datasource marketplace, Finetuning Feedback loop

NeuralDreams | Adtech Product Launch at Doha. Smart Substack Newsletter analytics

New Major Feature Release:

Email Videos straight to your AI App DataSource

We roll out a new Beta User group every week:

NeuralDreams & Cxemax Announce Partnership

NeuralDreams and Cxemax announce partnership to bring AI to your AWS DynamoDB Data

New Major Feature Release:

Email Docs straight to your AI App DataSource

We roll out a new Beta User group every week:

NeuralDreams is the Leading Hybrid Gen/AI App Solution

Accelerate your AI adoption - hybrid AI+GenAI, LLM+LSTM models, unstructured data, timeseries data, automation integrations.

NeuralDreams | AI at the speed of your thoughts

FineTune models for your use case

Fine tune LLM with no code, in under 5 minutes

No Code Fine Tune LLM

Start with as few as 5 input examples

Auto synthetic example generation based on your 5

Refine model on your data or without


Applied AI that brings value to your business

FineTune LLMs

FineTune LLMs to better suit your use case. Do rapid A/B testing of models.

RAG Stack Feedback Loop

RAG Stack feedback loop to allow instant feedback on the quality of answers received. ( RAG : Retrieval Augemented Generation )

Context, Intent, Sentiment

Identify in realtime what is the user interested in, what do they want to do and how they feel about the process.

VectorStore DB

AI Tuned VectorStore Database - your data in vectore stors, lighting fast index searches

Robust Analytics

Gain valuable insights with comprehensive data visualization and reporting.

Natural Language

Talk to your data using natural language inputs aided by LLMs.

TalkToMyBrand (tm)

New Paradigm of talking to your brand via multiple channels - web, mobile, bots

Secure Data

Rest easy knowing that your data is protected by AI best practices.

Scalable Infrastructure

Our SaaS solution grows with you to accommodate your evolving needs.

Marian ZK Founder Testimonial
"NeuralDreams saved us months of development time and hundreds of thousands of dollars by eliminating the need to hire a specialized developer team to build AI Product specific infrastructure for our SaaS product. Our staff had a beautiful product with full Generative AI capabilities, AWS integration, VectorStore integration in a matter of days!"Marian, ZoeyKnows Founder

Multi-Agent Conversation Classifiers

Classify any request for Context, Intent & Sentiment

No Code, start with as few as 5 examples

Context - e.g "I am looking for women fashion"

Intent - e.g. "I want to pick up a gift for my wife"

Sentiment - e.g. "I am pressed for time, show me just top 10 outfits"

Hybrid AI/GenAI - deploy multiple models simultaneously

FineTune models to match various Use Cases - Reports with Hybrid GenAI data complimented by metrics from LSTM models

NeuralDreams | AI at the speed of your thoughts

Get Started in 5 min

Chat with your data in 5 minutes, keep adding to your data as needed


NeuralDreams Enterprise Integration

NeuralDreams allows your team to build sophisticated AI Applications in a fraction of the time

Retrieval Augmented Stack (RAG) tools

Cohere, Claude, OpenAI, Pinecone, Mulvis

LSTM - models trained with TensorFlow

AI for Product Managers, AI/ML Professionals, Software Developers

Focus on Business Logic and features rather than infrastructure

Build for scalability and performance using production-ready backend architecture

Deliver value faster by adopting an iterative approach to building with LLMs

Built in RAG Stack for queries, with tuning pipelines

Use the feedback loop to finetune your model

Collect and analyze early end-user feedback